ICOME Averroes Prize

As always, The ICOME Conference will provide its special Award (Averroes Prize) to support Postdoctoral or PhD students, who are working in Materials & Energy fields, and to honor one of research leaders of the recent year.

Started by Pr. El-Ganaoui & Pr. Bennacer a few years ago, such a special section of ICOME conference raises every year to honor some best Oral/Poster presentations of participants whom offered a remarkable research work.

After a review decision through the ICOME even, top presentations will be nominated and a special Gala-Diner on their honor will be prepared. Averroes (Ibn Rushd) is chosen to be the designation denotation of such even.

Born on 1126 at Andalusia (Spain), Averroes (in Arabic: ابن رشد) or Ibn Rochd of Cordoba was a Muslim philosopher and great thinker who wrote about many subjects, including Philosophy, Theology, Medicine, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Jurisprudence, Law and Linguistics. His philosophical works include numerous commentaries on Aristotle for which, he was known in the West as The Commentator.


Through Every ICOME Conference, organizers have the great pleasure to honor one of research leaders of the year. Such a prodigious event is an encouragement for young researchers to pursuit their works and becoming the future leaders of their fields.

---[ ICOME 2019 ]---
Pr. Abdelilah BENYOUSSEF
[ April 23 - 26, 2019 Hammamet, Tunisia ]

Prof. Abdelilah BENYOUSSEF received his (Doctorat d’état) degree from the Paris-Sud University in 1983. He is a permanent member of the Moroccan Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, since 2006. He is associate professor in the materials and nanomaterials center of the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research. He is National coordinator of the Competences Pole of Condensed Matter and Systems Modeling. He is also an editor in chief of the Moroccan Journal of Condensed Matter. He is President of the Moroccan Society of Statistical Physics and Condensed Matter. He has been visiting professor in many research centers, laboratories and Universities. The main interest topics of Abdelilah Benyoussef are Ab initio calculation and Monte carlo method in modeling and simulation of new materials for renewable energy; Magnetism and phase transition in condensed matter; complex systems and critical self-organization in statistical physics. He is a co-author of more than 400 research publications and book chapters and about 100 conference presentations including numerous invited papers and talks. He has co-chaired or co-organized several international conferences. He holds a number of patents and supervised 40 postgraduate research candidates.

---[ ICOME 2018 ]---
[ April 30 - May 04, 2018 San Sebastian, Spain ]

Sassi Ben Nasrallah : Born in 1955, Pr. Ben Nasrallah is a Doctor in physical sciences. He joined higher education as an assistant professor at ENIS and then as a lecturer and was then promoted to the post of Professor of Higher Education at ENIM. He has contributed a lot to teaching, especially research, since in 1999 he created the Laboratory of Thermal and Energetic Systems, which is one of the most renowned laboratories both nationally and internationally. He is the author of more than 300 scientific articles in major journals, and he supervised several PhD students. Sassi Ben Nasrallah won a presidential award in 2003. The professor has also led several research projects as well as scientific meetings. He has been a professor in both Tunisian and French universities, and is well known for his studies at the Central School of Paris, IMFT Toulouse, Mine’s School of Nantes and many others. Sassi Ben Nasrallah founded and chaired the Tunisian Energy Association (ATE). The Ministry of Higher Education announced, on June 30 2017, the death of Sassi Ben Nasrallah, professor of higher education at the National School of Engineering of Monastir (ENIM).

---[ ICOME 2017 ]---
Pr. Abdul Majeed MOHAMAD
[ July 06-09, 2017. Tianjin, China ]

Abdul Majeed Mohamad : Professor in Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus (1993-1999). Since 2000 he's Prof. of thermofluid in Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada. Pr. Mohamad held few admin positions, director of graduate studies, acting director for Centre for Environmental Engineering Centre for Research & Education. He has been invited by many institutes around the world (France, Germany, China, USA, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Ecuador), as invited Prof. and lecturer. He's one of the highly cited researches. Pr. Mohamad elected Fellow Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME). Scientific council member of International Centre for Heat & Mass Transfer. He has been awarded Research Excellence and Graduate Teaching Excellence awards from University of Calgary, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Canada.

Resort Golden Tulip Taj Sultan
---[ ICOME 2016 ]---
[ May 17-20, 2016. La Rochelle, France ]

Michel Combarnous : Professor “Emeritus” at Bordeaux University, has been associate professor at the University of Gabès (Tunisia) (2006-2011). A specialist in fluid mechanics and energetics, he was encharged of the Department Engineering Sciences at CNRS (1980-1985). He is a founding member of «Académie des Technologies», and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, since 1978. Prof. Combarnous has accomplished a huge cooperative work involving North-South Mediterranean Cooperation.