Topical School : Modeling and Simulation Approaches for Materials and Energy

Modeling and Simulation Approaches are vital topics, given current and future challenges of energy transition and sustainable development as well. Subsequently, our fifth Topical School Edition, namely "Modeling and Simulation Approaches for Materials and Energy" will focus on the relationship between energies’ optimisation and simulation topics. Such a specialized school will take place in June 07-08, 2021, at Metz city, France, and will present the latest scientific advances into the field.

The Topical School will include various lectures and seminars. These lectures will cover fundamental and applied aspects related to the transfer-phenomena modeling within complex media. Our lecturers are international experts in various areas, such numerical simulation approaches, renewable energy, building energy performance and durability of structures, to name but a few.

Our aim is to be an inter-disciplinary interface into material and energy fields, as well as the environmental one, by putting the emphasis on the renewable resources, materials for renewable energies, energy storage and optimisation, bio-sourced materials for building, as well as social issues about energy and environment with contributions of international highlighting experts.

The Topical School is intended in order of priority to PhD students, Masters, Engineers in final year and researchers as well.

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1. Prof. Rachid BENNACER : ICOME’s Chair, Doctoral/School Director, ENS-Paris-Sacley University, France.

2. Prof. Mohammed El GANAOUI : ICOME’s Chair, Doctoral/School Director, Lorraine University, France.

3. Prof. Mathieu PETRISSANS : International Expert of Biomass & Wood Thermal Behavior. Lorraine University, France.

4. Dr. Karim RAGUI : About The Numerical Approach & The Industrial Applications, University of Science and Technology, Algeria.

5. Dr. Abdelhamid KHEIRI : About Thermo-Economic & Exergy Science, Lorraine University, France.

6. Dr. Damien GUILBERT : Hydrogen Production Through Water Electrolysis (Modeling & Control), IUT-Lorraine University, France.

7. Dr. Feiza MNASRI : About the Post-Doc Career : Between a Great Challenge and an Important Experience / Materials & Energy fields, Centre des Matériaux-IMT, France.

8. Dr. Anelie PETRISSANS : Process Engineering & Modeling Science, Lorraine University, France.

9. Dr. Angel SCIPIONI : About Hydrogen, the Alternative Energy for Future, Lorraine University, France.

10. Dr. Aumeur EL-AMRANI : Photovoltaic Solar Cells & Engineering Systems, Moulay-Ismail University, Morocco.

11. Prof. Arnaud DELAMEZIERE : Lorraine University, France.

12. Prof. El-Hadj KADRI : Cergy-Pontoise University, France.

13. Dr. Hélène AGEORGES : Thermal Spraying / Materials for Energy, Limoges University, France.

14. Prof. Izeddine ZORKANI : Nanomaterials and Renewable Energies, Sidi-Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco.

15. Prof. Jean-Michel NUNZI : About Photonics Science and Numerical Methods, Queen’s University, Canada.

16. Dr. Lahoucine OUHSAINE : About the Future of the Mix-Energy Science, Lorraine University, France.

17. Dr. Souad MORSLI : The Indoor-Air Quality & CFD Simulation Approaches, Lorraine University, France.

18. Dr. Denis CHOFFEL : Management Control & Socio-Economic, Lorraine University, France.

19. Mme. Celia LENTRETIEN : About the HAL : Presentation & Directive, Lorraine University, France.

20. Dr. Alain CARMASOL : Engineering, Applied & Computational Mathematics, Lorraine University, France.

21. Prof. Guy PLUVINAGE : About Hydrogen & The New Sicence, Lorraine University, France.

22. Prof. Mohamed AMARA : Modeling, Experimentation & Simulation at High Performance, INSA-CNRS, France.

23. Prof. Mohammed NOUARI : Lorraine University, France.

24. Prof. Olivier CASPARY : Lorraine University, France.