Conference Location

ICOME'21 Conference will take place at The Research Unit of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mechanics (UFR-MIM) of LORRAINE UNIVERSITY , which located in Metz Technopole, France.


Denoted as UFR MIM, the Training and Research Unit of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mechanics was created in 1995.

The latter is a component of Science and Technology Collegium of Lorraine University, with more than 1200 students enrolled at various UFR's courses. These courses are defined as a part of the European framework of LMD higher education (i.e. License, Master, Doctorate).

UFR MIM offers a high training in the Mathematics area, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Materials, Civil Engineering, Logistics, Hydraulics and Automation, to name but a few. The training courses, based on a deep know-how and an acquired experience over the years, in the aim to prepare future leaders for a good professional integration into professions related to these different disciplines.

Such a training is based on a human potential, built around various educational departments and Research Laboratories, as well.

The UFR MIM by its human size, welcoming staff and perfect geographical location (which is in the heart of the Metz city), offers a pleasant setting and perfect conditions for successful university studies.