Keynote Speakers

Topic 01 : Atomistic Molecular Modelling and Simulation for Prediction Transport Diffusion Coefficients of Liquid Mixtures.

By : Prof. Jadran VRABEC , Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Topic 02 : Photonics for Life.

By : Prof. Jean-Michel NUNZI , Queen’s University, Canada.

Topic 03 : Development of a Mechanistic Model to Predict the Influence of Gravity on Higher Plant Growth.

By : Prof. Jean-Pierre FONTAINE , Clermont Auvergne University, France.

Topic 04 : Nonlocal Effects in Materials and Memory Formalism in Modelling Physical Properties and Heat-Mass Transfer.

By : Prof. Jordan HRISTOV , Chemical Technology and Metallurgy University, Bulgaria.

Topic 05 : Increasing the Capacity Factor of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants.

By : Prof. Kamel HOOMAN , Queensland University, Australia.

Topic 06 : Experimental and Numerical Study of Geometrically Driven Drop Motion.

By : Prof. Marie-Christine NÉEL , Avignon University, France.

Topic 07 : Growth of Semiconductor Single Crystals for Energy Conversion.

By : Prof. Sadik DOST , University of Victoria, Canada.

Topic 08 : Spray Forming of Thermal Management Devices.

By : Prof. Sanjeev CHANDRA , Toronto University, Canada.

Topic 09 : Efficiency Improvement of Organic Photovoltaic Cells by Nano-Structure and Molecular Orientation Controls.

By : Prof. Tetsuya TAIMA , Kanazawa University, Japan.

Topic 10 : Advances in Torrefaction Technology for Green Fuel and Energy.

By : Prof. Wei-Hsin CHEN , National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Topic 11 : Chemical Vapor Deposition for the Fabrication of Thin Films in Advanced Materials Processing.

By : Prof. Yogesh JALURIA , Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA.

Topic 12 : Climate Change and Materials for Mitigation and Adaptation.

By : Prof. Geoffrey LEVERMORE , Manchester University, United Kingdom.