Dr. Karim RAGUI progressed in Process Engineering studies to get his PhD thesis at Houari Boumediene University of Science and Technology (USTHB, Algeria), in 2016, on Computational Fluid Mechanics & Complex Flows. He joined the Teachers-team of fluid mechanics and transfer phenomena, of Refining and Petrochemical fields, to become an Associate-Professor at USTHB University. His administrative responsibility covers License & Master Degrees (since 2013 until now), as well as their Master research projects. Since 2012, he has started research activities into the following subjects: thermosolutal convection phenomenon, viscoplastic materials and its rheological behavior, SiC porous matrix, pollutants spreading and energy optimizations, in the aim to understand the various transfer behaviors through modeling and numerical simulation. Motivated by the world progress in his research-field, he visited various countries as France, China, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, to update his knowledge and improve his researches. As a result, he published two book chapters and many international papers. Karim RAGUI is a reviewer of some Elsevier & Springer journals, such as International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer and Journal of Statistical Physics, to name but a few.